Aldus Santos new EIC of PULSE.PH

Aldus Santos, author of Vocalese: Poems (2006) and Repeat While Fading: Pinoy Rock Biographs (2009) is the new editor-in-chief of the Filipino online music journal,, relaunched last week with its new look, features, and content.

Read Santos’ latest article on on pinoy super band, Franco.


By : Aldus Santos

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To get updates, follow Aldus Santos on Twitter or on Facebook (search for Aldus Santos).

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“Repeat While Fading” Turns 1!

Repeat While Fading: Pinoy Rock Biographs (2009) was featured in a number of print and online newspaper and magazine articles. Check them out.

Repeat While Fading

Uno Magazine, April 3, 2009

This is a piece written by Luis Katigbak from our Jan – Feb issue. Writer and musician Aldus Santos celebrates and autopsies Pinoy Rock in his new book, Repeat While Fading.


Some wit once said that “Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.” I suppose the implication there is that both are fairly pointless activities that fail to capture the essence of — well, anything, really. But you know what? Hell, I’d rather watch someone try to dance about architecture than dance about dying swans or the indomitable spirit of simple country folk or something like that. Dancing about architecture sounds pretty damn interesting.

And “pretty damn interesting” is as good a description as any of Repeat While Fading, the new book by prolific writer Aldus Santos, whose byline will be familiar to anyone who reads plenty of local magazines, particularly music-oriented publications like PULP and the site as well as the now-defunct BURN. (Aside from articles, he writes poetry as well―his first collection of poems, Vocalese, came out in 2006.) He also happens to be the lead singer and songwriter for acclaimed independent rock band The Purplechickens. Read more.

Aldus Santos Rock fan, rock writer

The Manila Times

By Cris O. Ramos Jr., Contributor

He is regarded as one of the most credible rock journalists around. Aldus Santos finally launched his rock music book Repeat While Fading: Pinoy Rock Biographs, a re-edited collection of some of his best work published in the likes of PULP Magazine, BURN Magazine, YOU and, among others.

The launch was held at Saguijo, Makati last January 28, 2008 with bands such as Markus Highway, Peryodiko, Pupil, Santos’ own band, The Purplechickens, Rivermaya, Truefaith and Wuds playing. Read more.

“Repeat While Fading” now at Powerbooks!

RWF (Day Cabuhat)

Repeat While Fading: Pinoy Rock Biographs, the second book of Vocalese:Poems (2006) author, Aldus Santos, is now available at the following Powerbooks branches: SM Megamall and Shangri-La in Mandaluyong; Trinoma in Quezon City, Glorietta and Greenbelt 3 in Makati; and Alabang Town Center and Festival Mall in Muntinlupa.

There is a slight hike in the price, but it’s still all worth it, we promise you. Stocks are rapidly dwindling and we strongly suggest you grab your copies now.

Thank you for your patience and support!

*Photo taken by Day Cabuhat at the RWF launch (January 28, 2009 at saGuijo Bar+Cafe)

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Repeat While Fading

Aldus Santos, author of Vocalese (2006), is launching his second book entitled, “Repeat While Fading,” on January 28, 2009 at Cafe Saguijo, Makati City.


Keep posted for details of this exciting new compilation.

Vocalese now available at Shrapnel Custom Shirts & Design

“Vocalese” is now available at the Shrapnel Custom Shirt and Design Store on Mabait Street, U.P. Village, Quezon City.

Shrapnel owner Gelo Lagasca designed the CD sleeve and cover of “Girls, Et Cetera,” the second independent release of The Purplechickens, Aldus Santos’ rock band.

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Vocalese sold at U.P. Quill booth

Vocalese is being sold at the U.P. Quill application booth, located at the U.P. Diliman College of Arts and Letters (CAL) building basement, from November 19 to 29, 2007.

U.P. Quill is holding “free-for-all” workshops from Monday to Friday, 5:30 PM, at the old tambayan (i.e., the first stone bench outside Katag). If you want to attend, please bring 10 copies of your work.

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Fresh copies of “Vocalese” at U.P. Press Bookstore

Fresh copies of “Vocalese” was delivered to the U.P. Press Bookstore last week.

By the way, please be informed that we will no longer replenish stocks at Datelines, Cubao X.

Keep posted for new outlets!

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“Vocalese” ran out at U.P. Press Bookstore

A friend informed us recently that he bought the last copy of “Vocalese” at the U.P. Press Bookstore.

We will replenish our stocks there within the week. 

Please bear with us and thank you for your support.

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Paolo Manalo’s Review of “Vocalese”

Taken from Paolo Manalo’s Multiply site

I’m biased because I know Aldus Santos personally. Then I remembered that he asked me to blurb Vocalese (2006) so I’ll just include that here:

There is something of [Ted] Hughes here in following fragments, puncutation, and the perceptive alignments of words which continually displace experience and our experience of language as it is thrown at or thrown out of circulation (or owned parenthetically). In a world drowning in knowledge and instant troubleshooting, Santos intelligently sets up the game of facts to win us over with a poetry that is a play of memes.

I was overwhelmed by the manuscript when I first read it in its entirety, and deeply envious of some of the poems, especially those which I put out when I was still literary editor of a weekly magazine. I most admire the resolutions (enforcements?) of disparities of thought through acquisition, juxtaposition, and wordplay. The last poem still my favourite:

English of Never (Causa Prima)*

Which way were they poised, headlong (really)?Which birds dodged all astute ornithology?

What is the point of view?

Almond verandas, eyes, un-ice and generally warm to friends.

Infrequently cold like its homonym.

The view, as any pedestrian fluid, would submit to take the trims of its container.

Un-camera, the view is.

The point of view is that it will not manifest as a point.

The view will, as squarish prose, square
itself off, adapt, take as its template
the turns of the object.

The point of view is perspective, but:

point is also the essence sensed, and, point is,
without a perimeter.

Point is speck in a line (of reasoning),
in a circle (of friends),
in a square (-off between ever ingrate and defeated master).

All opinions on the prowl, shy and affected like points
on a map.

Faceless citizens, dilly-dallying.

I have known a country (not every).

I have known wants.I have wanted.

I wanted knowingly.

(A knowledge in wanting.)

And these–coma, tics:

Shaking cashews in a hollowed palm.

Wiggling feet when running late.

Tucking hairs behind sanguine ears–stereo with heart–a show,
straining to hear further.

Tranquil lyric–this–must cater to the immobile.

It should not be able to run away.
It should know itself on foot.

And the hiccupping reader, by his desk or floor:

coma, tics. (Chromatics.)




* This poem appears in “Vocalese” and is copyrighted to the author, Aldus Santos. This poem may not be copied, reproduced, or re-printed—in whole or in part–without the author’s permission.

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Vocalese still out!

Vocalese (Poems) by Aldus Santos is still out!

 Get your own copy at the following bookstores:

  • Bound Bookshop (Sct. Castor, near Tomas Morato and Roces Ave., Quezon City) 
  • Mag:net Katipunan (near Rustan’s on Katipunan Avenue)
  • U.P. Press Bookstore (Balay Kalinaw near Ilang-Ilang Dormitory, U.P. Diliman)
  • Datelines Cubao-X (near Pure Gold, Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City)

For autographed copies, you may buy from the author himself. Send him an email at or You can also catch him at any Purplechickens gig. Visit for details.

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